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My name is Anya, I live in Switzerland (VS), and I'm the Pagan Earth's creator.

I was born in Russia, from a family, on my mother's side, with witches and shamans from Siberia. A lot of things were transmitted to me - Practices, principles, beliefs ... I'm in this kind of univers since almost forever, and I took my own road, without forgetting my ancestors and where I come from. 

I am a lot in celtic and scandinavian paganism, and with all of this story, I am myself a witch who works with these two pantheons.

I never wanted nor succeeded to enter in the mold that the society is imposing to us ... I couldn't identify myself, for a lot of reasons, reaons that didn't depended only on me. But I'm first of all too much wild ... 
So, I've created Pagan Earth, to develop my activity with my methods, by doing what I love, without having anyone trying to restrain or change me.
With Pagan Earth, I've started to make jewelries, that reminds my heritage and my values - The nature, witchcraft, paganism, maybe sometimes a little bit of fantasy also, to travel further. But I also have a lot of projects in my mind that aren't only about jewelries, so from now you can follow Pagan Earth's journey, and support my little world !

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